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Colbert, Tomlin To Hold Steelers 2019 Pre-Draft Press Conference On Monday

The 2019 NFL Draft will get underway in Nashville, TN next Thursday night and by this time next week we’ll know who the Pittsburgh Steelers first-round selection was and we’ll be getting ready for the second-round to get underway. On Monday, however, Steelers general manage Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin will hold their annual pre-draft press conference at approximately noon EST at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex, the team announced on Friday.

While we won’t get any real information concerning this year’s draft out of Colbert or Tomlin on Monday, as neither are likely to talk specific about players in this year’s class, perhaps some well-planned questions will be asked by the media during the session just the same.

Personally, I’d like to hear both Colbert and Tomlin asked if they will reveal the pro days each attended during the pre-draft process to make sure we didn’t miss any of their stops while tracking them across the country the last several weeks. On the surface, it didn’t appear as though Tomlin was as active on the pro day tour as he’s been in previous years. If true, was there a reason for that? Did we miss him making a stop or two without Colbert?

Speaking of pro days, I’d also like to hear Colbert asked about the long-standing correlation between the Steelers normally drafting players in the first-round that he was in attendance at their pro days for. Does he consider it a mere a coincidence that he’s attended the pro days of the last nine Steelers first-round draft picks?

With the continued advancements made in sports analytics, I hope Colbert and Tomlin are asked to comment some on that subject and how big of role it now plays in the Steelers pre-draft assessments.

As far as possible trades go this year, I’m sure Colbert will once again open Monday’s pre-draft press conference by telling us that he’s open to moving up or down in any round this year. He’ll also probably tell the media that the organization could very well come out of this year’s draft with 10 selections, what they’re currently scheduled to have. Like I said, certain aspects and details of this year’s draft, as usual, won’t be shared.

I suspect Colbert will also be asked to further comment on how the trade of wide receiver Antonio Brown ultimately wound up coming to fruition. Additionally, I suspect a few more questions will be asked about quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and the ongoing contract negotiations with him.

Whatever Colbert and Tomlin both have to say on Monday, we’ll be quick to pass along to all of you. In the meantime, however, what questions would you like to hear Colbert and Tomlin asked that they’re likely to give relevant answers to? Let me know in the comments.

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