Watch: The Problem With Pittsburgh’s Dime Defense

Another week, another time to talk to the tape. We’re focusing on the vulnerabilities of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ dime defense. Over the last two weeks, the defense is giving up seven yards per carry against the run out of their dime defense with a success rate well over 50%.

In this video, we breakdown how offenses are responding to when the Steelers go dime on early downs and non-obvious passing situations. The matchups they create and the yards they gain by refusing to play into the Steelers’ hand.

I don’t mean to kill Keith Butler the way I have breaking down his matchup problems against Keenan Allen. Every defense, coverage, and personnel grouping has its weaknesses. Nothing is going to be perfect. But at the end, I suggest what the team should do instead to avoid some of these issues.

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And thanks for watching.

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