The Browns Are Trying To Kill Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor is the expected Cleveland Browns starter when they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers Week One. But last night, Hue Jackson seemed hellbent on trying to change that.

Against the Philadelphia Eagles in a thrilling 5-0 win, Taylor seemed to suffer a serious hand/elbow injury after bracing himself following this throw. Keep in mind this was after Jackson decided to go for it on 4th and goal.

The good, if not a little miraculous, news is that Taylor didn’t suffer a broken hand. After getting an X-Ray, he came back onto the field and finished out the first half, finishing the day with a “meh” 11/16, 65 yard performance.

Taylor didn’t entirely avoid injury, however, suffering a dislocated pinky on his left, non-throwing hand. That forced him to hand the ball off with his right hand on some carries.

Needless to say, many fans, this one included, wondered why Taylor would keep playing in a meaningless game.

Taylor is still expected to start Week One versus the Steelers. Though the way this is going, Jackson is going to make him play the entire preseason finale, too.

Browns fans also now hate Todd Haley. Cleveland’s plan for “the biggest turnaround ever” is going so well already.

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