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Deflategate 2018 Already Losing Air: NFL Says Defective Football Found In Steelers Game Against Eagles

The great preseason deflategate of 2018 has already lost a lot of air.

Following a Thursday night report by Howard Eskin of WIP Radio in Philadelphia that stated the league was an investigating a deflated football that was used in the third quarter by the Pittsburgh Steelers offense in their preseason opener against the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL has now publicly addressed the situation.

“All footballs were in compliance with NFL rules following the pregame inspection process and all proper procedures were followed,” league spokesman Michael Signora said Friday morning. “In the third quarter, a football that was found to be defective was removed from play and will be sent back to [manufacturer] Wilson for review.”

In Eskin’s report after the Steelers win over the Eagles he indicated that he saw the football following an incompletion by rookie quarterback Mason Rudolph and that it looked like a “marshmallow.”

By the sound of things, the Steelers did absolutely nothing wrong Thursday night as it was just a defective football. At some point one would expect Wilson to publicly address their findings after they examine the football.

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