Former Steelers Player Believes Antonio Brown Is Faster Than Ever, Gunning For 2000 Yard Season

Look at this, an article not about Le’Veon Bell. Probably the only one you’ll read all day. Instead of him, we’re focusing on another elite member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver Antonio Brown. His work ethic is the best in the business and despite just turning 30, he’s showing no signs of slowing down, says the people who are training with him.

Late last night, former Steelers running back Josh Harris sent out this tweet after training with Brown.

Brown is the rare case of a player who has gotten much faster as he’s gotten older. Coming out of college, he ran a respectable, but by no means blazing, 4.47. Fast forward to 2016, when he tweeted he turned in a 4.35.

And if he’sĀ fasterĀ than that? Look out.

Achieving 2000 yards would make him the first wide receiver in history to do so. The current record is 1964, held by Calvin Johnson in 2012. Brown’s season-high is 1834 yards, set back in 2015, so he’s gotten close before. That figure ranks 4th all-time, behind only Johnson, Julio Jones, and Jerry Rice.

But reaching that goal means averaging 125 yards per game, a tall task even for someone like AB. Only one player in history has ever done that, the Chargers’ Wes Chandler during an eight game stretch in 1982. He finished the year with 1032 yards.

Regardless, there’s no doubt Brown is in incredible shape and coming into 2018 as the best receiver in football.

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