Trading History Of Steelers GM Kevin Colbert

The 2018 NFL league year hasn’t even started and already the Cleveland Browns and their new general manager John Dorsey have made four different trades in the last 24 hours. Because of that heavy activity, I figured today would be a great day to look back at all the trades Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert has made since joining the organization in 2000.

According to my research, Colbert has orchestrated a total of 32 trades since arriving in Pittsburgh and I have detailed each of those in a table below.

When it comes to trading draft picks for draft picks, Colbert’s deal to move up in the first-round of the 2003 NFL Draft to select safety Troy Polamalu is by far his most notably one to date. Not to be forgotten, however, is the Colbert’s first official trade that came during the 2001 NFL Draft that netted the Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton as a result of a move down in the first-round.

Colbert’s move-up trade in the first-round of the 2006 NFL Draft netted the Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes, who would later go on to be named the MVP of Super Bowl XLIII. If that’s not enough, Colbert later traded Holmes to the New York Jets ahead of the 2010 NFL Draft and that fifth-round draft pick he acquired in that deal he traded during the draft to the Arizona Cardinals for cornerback Bryant McFadden and their sixth-round selection, which was used to draft wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Colberts trades since 2010 haven’t really been that notable. However, we still don’t know how a few of them might ultimately work out as a few of those netted yet-to-be-used draft picks. Additionally, two players that Colbert traded for just last season, tight end Vance McDonald and safety J.J. Wilcox, are still under contract with the Steelers at the time of this post.

Will Colbert make any more trades this offseason? Time will certainly tell and you can bet I will be tracking them if they do.

If you find a trade I have overlooked, please let me know in the comments below this post and I will update the table quickly.

4/21/2001 Draft Picks Traded 2001 first-round pick (#16 – Santana Moss) to Jets for 2001 first-round pick (#19 – Casey Hampton), 2001 fourth-round pick (#111 – Mathias Nkwenti), 2001 sixth-round pick (#181 – Rodney Bailey)
4/21/2001 Draft Picks Traded 2001 second-round pick (#50 – Dominic Raiola), 2001 fourth-round pick (#112 – Carlos Polk) to Patriots for 2001 second-round pick (#39 – Kendrell Bell)
4/26/2003 Draft Picks Traded 2003 first-round pick (#27 – Larry Johnson), 2003 third-round pick (#92 – Julian Battle), 2003 sixth-round pick (#200 – Brooks Bollinger) to Chiefs for 2003 first-round pick (#16 – Troy Polamalu)
8/30/2003 Pick For Player Traded conditional draft pick (not exercised) to Eagles for Freddie Milons
4/24/2004 Draft Picks Traded 2004 second-round pick (#44 – Bob Sanders), 2004 fourth-round pick (#107 – Kendyll Pope) to Colts for 2004 second-round pick (#38 – Ricardo Colclough)
8/30/2004 Player For Pick Traded Troy Edwards to Rams for 2004 sixth-round pick (#194 – Matt Kranchick)
9/4/2004 Player For Pick Traded Todd Fordham to Panthers for 2005 seventh-round pick (#228 – Shaun Nua)
4/29/2006 Draft Picks Traded 2006 first-round pick (#32 – Mathias Kiwanuka), 2006 third-round pick (#96 – Gerris Wilkinson), 2006 fourth-round pick (#129 – Guy Whimper) to Giants for 2006 first-round pick (#25 – Santonio Holmes)
4/29/2006 Draft Picks Traded 2006 second-round pick (#64 – Tarvaris Jackson) to Vikings for 2006 third-round pick (#83 – Anthony Smith), 2006 third-round pick (#95 – Willie Reid)
9/1/2006 Pick For Player Traded conditional draft pick (not exercised) to Patriots for Patrick Cobb
4/29/2007 Draft Picks Traded 2007 fourth-round pick (#119 – Allen Barbre), 2007 sixth-round pick (#192 – Desmond Bishop) to Packers for 2007 fourth-round pick (#112 – Daniel Sepulveda)
9/1/2007 Pick For Player Traded 2008 seventh-round pick (#232-Keith Zinger) to Falcons for Allen Rossum
4/27/2008 Draft Picks Traded 2008 fourth-round pick (#123 – Bryan Kehl) to Giants for 2008 fourth-round pick (#130 – Tony Hills), 2008 sixth-round pick (#194 – Ryan Mundy)
4/25/2009 Draft Picks Traded 2009 second-round pick (#64 – Richard Quinn), 2009 fourth-round pick (#132 – Seth Olsen) to Broncos for two 2009 third-round picks (#79 – Kraig Urbik) (#84 – Mike Wallace)
9/2/2008 Player For Pick Traded Sean Mahan to Buccaneers for 2009 seventh-round pick (#226 – A.Q. Shipley)
4/11/2010 Player For Pick Traded Santonio Holmes to Jets for 2010 fifth-round pick (#155 – John Skelton)
4/20/2010 Pick For Player Traded 2010 seventh-round pick (#225 – Syd’quan Thompson) to Buccaneers for Byron Leftwich
4/24/2010 Pick For Player And Pick Traded 2010 fifth-round pick (#155 – John Skelton) to Cardinals for Bryant McFadden, 2010 sixth-round pick (#195 – Antonio Brown)
4/30/2012 Draft Picks Traded 2012 fourth-round pick (#119 – Keenan Robinson), 2012 six-round pick (#193 – Tom Compton) to Redskins for 2012 fourth-round pick (#109 – Alameda Ta’amu)
5/9/2013 Draft Picks Traded 2014 third-round pick (#83 – Louis Nix) to Browns for 2013 fourth-round pick (#111 – Shamarko Thomas)
8/23/2013 Player For Player Traded Adrian Robinson to Eagles for Felix Jones
10/2/2013 Pick For Player Traded conditional draft pick (not exercised) to Cardinals for Levi Brown
8/1/2015 Pick For Player Traded 2016 fifth-round pick (#164 – Halapoulivaati Vaitai) to Eagles for Brandon Boykin
8/31/2015 Pick For Player Traded 2016 sixth-round pick (#201 – Brandon Allen) to Jaguars for Josh Scobee
9/4/2015 Player For Pick Traded Brad Wing to Giants for 2016 seventh-round pick (#229 – Demarcus Ayers)
9/3/2016 Pick For Player Traded 2018 sixth-round pick (#202 – ?) to Browns for Justin Gilbert
8/23/2017 Player For Player Traded Lucas Crowley to Redskins for Dashaun Phillips
8/29/2017 Pick For Player And Pick Traded 2018 fourth-round pick (#128-?) to 49ers for Vance McDonald, 2018 fifth-round pick (#148-?)
9/2/2017 Player For Pick Traded Ross Cockrell to Giants for 2018 seventh-round pick (#220 – ?)
9/2/2017 Player And Pick For Pick Traded Sammie Coates, 2019 seventh-round pick (#? – ?) to Browns for 2018 sixth-round pick (#202-?)
9/3/2017 Pick For Player And Pick Traded 2018 sixth-round pick (#202 – ?) to Buccaneers for J.J. Wilcox, 2019 seventh-round pick (#? – ?)
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