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Steelers Send Scouts All Around The Country For Friday Pro Day Circuit

Pretty light day in the 2018 NFL Draft Pro Day circuit. No big schools on the circuit and Mike Tomlin remained in Pittsburgh today. But there were Steelers scouts around the country from what we’ve been able to gather so far. From what schools have shown and reported, they were at least three different locations: Georgia Tech, Central Michigan, and Coastal Carolina.

Area scout Mike Butler was spotted at Georgia Tech today.

I’m not positive of the titles of these scouts and where they’re assigned to go, that isn’t listed on the team website, but it looks like Butler is one of the East area scouts. Yesterday, he was at Clemson’s Pro Day.

This year, Georgia Tech doesn’t haven many marquee names to watch for. Safety Corey Griffin is a two year starter with four career interceptions, including two as a junior in 2016. They also have one of the heaviest players in this draft class. Guard Shamire Devine is listed at 6’7 380 pounds, though I don’t know what he officially weighed in at. He’s been a starter for the last three seasons. The school had to remove a ceiling tile just to let him participate in the vertical.

Elsewhere, Player Personnel Director Dan Rooney Jr. showed up at Coastal Carolina’s Pro Day, leading some of the drills and talking to players.

Again, no major prospects here but some possible undrafted candidates. Running back Osharmar Abercrombie averaged 5.2 yards per rush as a senior with 22 career touchdowns under his belt. Inside linebacker Shane Johnson racked up over 100 tackles in 2017.

Finally, all 32 teams reportedly showed up to Central Michigan’s workout, though we don’t know exactly who the Steelers representative was.

They boast some of the biggest prospects of the schools we’ve mentioned. Tight end Tyler Conklin was a Combine invite, jumping 38 inches in the vert and 10 feet in the broad at Indy. DE/OLB Joe Ostman had a fantastic 2017 campaign, finishing with 20.5 TFL and 14 sacks while forcing four fumbles.

Follow along with our Pro Day tracker to know where their scouts have been throughout draft season. We update it almost every day.

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