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Report: 2018 NFL Salary Cap Number To Be $177.2 Million

The start of the 2018 NFL league year is now just a little more than a week away and according to one Monday night report, we now know what the league-wide cap number will be.

According to Field Yates of ESPN, NFL teams were just sent a memo indicating that the salary cap for the 2018 league year is $177.2 million.

Last season the NFL’s salary cap number per team was $167 million so it looks like just a little more than a $10 million increase for 2018. As former NFL agent Joel Corry points out, the 6.11% increase in the salary cap this year over last year is the lowest percentage it has gone up since 2013 when the increase was 1.99%.

For most of the offseason I have been updating the salary cap situation of the Pittsburgh Steelers for you and have been using a projected league-wide cap number of $178 million. Not much has changed since my last update outside of it now looking like running back Le’Veon Bell will definitely get the franchise tag from the Steelers by Tuesday’s deadline.

As mentioned in an earlier Monday post, the Steelers still have some work ahead of them when it comes to making sure they’ll be under the cap by March 13. In other words, expect some contract restructures to be reported later this week in addition to possible cuts of veteran players.

I’ll update the Steelers salary cap situation later this week whenever it looks like all of these forthcoming moves are done.

Not that it matters for the Steelers this year, but the franchise and transition tag amounts have also now been set for 2018. Bell will have a tag amount of $14.54 million because of the 20% increase rule as he was also tagged last season.

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