Steelers 2018 Salary Cap Update – Pre Tag Period

The 2018 NFL franchise tag period will get underway on Tuesday and with that being a prime date on the league’s annual calendar, now is great time to look at the Pittsburgh Steelers current 2018 salary cap situation.

Quite a bit has changed since the 2017 season ended as the Steelers have signed several players to future contracts in addition to re-signing quite a few of the players who were scheduled to become either restricted or exclusive rights free agents in March. If that’s not enough, the Steelers have also now restructured the contracts of defensive end Stephon Tuitt and David DeCastro and those two transactions collectively cleared more than $13.26 million in 2018 salary cap space.

Below is a look at the 62 players the Steelers currently have under contract for 2018 in addition to the list of dead money the team currently has on the books for the year. When factoring the Rule of 51 total for the Steelers and then subtracting the $4,040,611 leftover cap space from 2017 that will rollover, Pittsburgh is roughly $4,691,775 under a projected cap number of $178 million. Remember, the 2018 salary cap number is very likely to come in higher than $178 million so keep that in mind while looking at the recap below.

Please be advised that the cap charges I have below for tight end Jesse James, wide receiver Martavis Bryant and punter Jordan Berry are all estimates as we’ll need the official restricted tender amounts for 2018 before we’ll know the real charges for those three players. James and Bryant, as I mentioned in my last salary cap update, are due Proven Performance Escalators in 2018 so that’s why we need the official restricted tender amounts in order to have their correct cap charges.

As I mentioned in my last update, there are quite a few expenditures the Steelers will need to eventually account for as the offseason progresses. Those expenditures include offseason workout bonuses, draft rookie pool offsets, a ten-man practice squad, a 52nd and 53rd player, an injury benefit claim and leftover cap space for in-season moves. While I’m not including those amounts below in order to give you a real-time look at where the Steelers currently are cap-wise, one must be advised that those are real forthcoming charges.

Now, the real-time cap number below also doesn’t account for running back Le’Veon Bell being issued the franchise tag. Additionally, the Steelers still have a few soon-to-be restricted free agents they are likely to issue tenders to in the coming weeks. The franchise tag amount for Bell will be $14.54 million should the Steelers issue it in the coming weeks. As for a few restricted free agents likely to receive tenders in the coming weeks, that list is expected to include kicker Chris Boswell, outside linebacker Anthony Chickillo and maybe even wide receiver Eli Rogers.

In short and summation, the Steelers will need a lot more salary cap room and very soon at that if Bell is to receive the franchise tag again this offseason. We can probably expect a few more contract restructures to be reported very soon and a few roster cuts as well.

Just prior to the start of the new league year in March is when I will provide the next Steelers salary cap update for you.

Ben Roethlisberger $12,000,000 $23,200,000
Antonio Brown $7,875,000 $17,675,000
Cameron Heyward $9,000,000 $12,456,250
Joe Haden $9,000,000 $11,916,666
Maurkice Pouncey $7,000,000 $10,551,000
Ryan Shazier $8,718,000 $8,718,000
Mike Mitchell $5,000,000 $8,135,418
Alejandro Villanueva $3,000,000 $7,625,000
Marcus Gilbert $4,050,000 $7,358,500
David DeCastro $790,000 $5,687,500
Stephon Tuitt $790,000 $5,432,000
Vance McDonald $3,700,000 $4,318,750
J.J. Wilcox $3,125,000 $3,800,000
Tyson Alualu $3,000,000 $3,625,000
Ramon Foster $2,675,000 $3,591,668
Bud Dupree $1,692,585 $2,934,364
Artie Burns $1,321,908 $2,615,723
Vince Williams $2,000,000 $2,500,000
William Gay $1,750,000 $2,383,334
Landry Jones $1,900,000 $2,200,000
T.J. Watt $885,855 $2,104,275
Jesse James $1,940,000 $1,992,228
Jordan Berry $1,940,000 $1,940,000
Martavis Bryant $1,940,000 $1,940,000
Robert Golden $1,475,000 $1,891,668
Coty Sensabaugh $1,400,000 $1,612,500
Roosevelt Nix $1,000,000 $1,437,500
Darrius Heyward-Bey $1,200,000 $1,333,334
Sean Davis $821,542 $1,114,627
JuJu Smith-Schuster $655,717 $953,586
Javon Hargrave $691,000 $864,314
Cameron Sutton $587,400 $771,432
Jerald Hawkins $630,000 $762,622
Leterrius Walton $705,000 $734,232
James Conner $555,000 $731,572
L.J. Fort $705,000 $705,000
Joshua Dobbs $555,000 $694,781
Tyler Matakevich $630,000 $645,763
B.J. Finney $630,000 $630,000
Dashaun Phillips $630,000 $630,000
Kameron Canaday $630,000 $630,000
Xavier Grimble $630,000 $630,000
Brian Allen $555,000 $612,547
Keion Adams $555,000 $571,507
Antonio Crawford $555,000 $555,000
Jordan Dangerfield $555,000 $555,000
Matt Feiler $555,000 $555,000
Matt Wile $555,000 $555,000
Mike Hilton $555,000 $555,000
Casey Sayles $480,000 $480,000
Darnell Leslie $480,000 $480,000
Farrington Huguenin $480,000 $480,000
Jake McGee $480,000 $480,000
James Summers $480,000 $480,000
Justin Thomas $480,000 $480,000
Keith Kelsey $480,000 $480,000
Lavon Hooks $480,000 $480,000
Malik Golden $480,000 $480,000
Marcus Tucker $480,000 $480,000
Matt Galambos $480,000 $480,000
Tevin Jones $480,000 $480,000
Trey Griffey $480,000 $480,000
TOTAL UNDER CONTRACT $119,349,007 $181,672,661
Senquez Golson $292,462
James Harrison $250,000
Sammie Coates $157,879
David Johnson $117,500
Colin Holba $96,996
Francis Kallon $8,000
Ethan Cooper $6,667
Keith Kelsey $6,667
Rushel Shell $5,000
Nelson Adams $3,334
Terrish Webb $3,334
Scott Orndoff $3,334
Christian Brown $2,334
Matt Galambos $1,334
Phazahn Odom $1,334
2017 CAP ROLLOVER   $4,040,611
RULE OF 51 TOTAL   $177,348,836
PROJECTED 2018 SALARY CAP   $178,000,000

Transaction Recap
02/10/2018 – Restructured contracts of DE Stephon Tuitt and G David DeCastro.
02/10/2018 – Signed FB Roosevelt Nix to a new four-year deal.
02/09/2018 – Signed OL B.J. Finney to a one-year contract extension.
02/01/2018 – Signed P Jordan Berry to a one-year contract extension.
01/31/2018 – Signed OL Matt Feiler to a one-year contract extension.
01/29/2018 – Signed WR Trey Griffey, WR Tevin Jones and RB James Summers to Reserve/Future contracts.
01/19/2018 – Signed S Malik Golden, LB Darnell Leslie and P Matt Wile to Reserve/Future contracts.
01/18/2018 – Signed DE Casey Sayles to Reserve/Future contract.
01/16/2018 – Signed CB Mike Hilton to a one-year contract extension.
01/16/2018 – Signed DE Lavon Hooks, LB Keith Kelsey, WR Justin Thomas and WR Marcus Tucker to Reserve/Future contracts.
01/15/2018 – Signed S Jordan Dangerfield, LB Matt Galambos, LB Farrington Huguenin, TE Jake McGee, CB Dashaun Phillips to Reserve/Future contracts.
01/15/2018 – Signed TE Xavier Grimble and LS Kameron Canaday to one-year contract extensions.

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