Charges Dismissed For Ravens’ Marlon Humphrey In Tuscaloosa Charger Caper

The Cleveland Browns are hogging a lot of the storylines right now when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ AFC North rivals, but I don’t want this to become Browns Depot. I have a number of stories I want to write regarding Cleveland, but it’s better to try to space news from the Steelers’ rivals out.

So instead, we revisit one of the most ridiculous stories of the offseason, that being Baltimore Ravens 2017 first-round cornerback Marlon Humphrey being arrested over the theft of a phone charger that he claimed he thought was his, but which did not connect to his phone.

The incident happened while the Alabama cornerback was back in Tuscaloosa back in January. He got the opportunity to go before a judge today, where he had the charges dropped. According to ESPN beat writer Jamison Hensley, who covers the team, the judge “decided there was no probable cause to prosecute after hearing evidence at Thursday’s hearing”.

Allegedly, Humphrey took an Uber to his hotel while visiting in Alabama. Upon exiting, he took what he believed to be the charger of his phone, in addition to other cables. The original reports of the incident also mentioned that the cornerback in some way elbowed or shoved past the driver.

Yesterday, the 21-year-old’s lawyer told ESPN that “the evidence was overwhelming that the Uber driver was the aggressor and escalated a situation that could have been resolved without wasting the time and resources of our local law enforcement”. He went on to say that “Marlon can now continue on the path of success in the NFL. As I stated in the beginning, Marlon has 11 million reasons why not to steal a $3 phone charger”.

Humphrey signed a four-year contract worth $11.8 million with the Ravens after he was taken in the first round last year.

More relevant to, you know, actual football, it’s unclear exactly what his role will be in 2018. While he finished the season in the starting lineup, that was a result of injuries. Jimmy Smith was playing well before his season ended with an Achilles injury.

Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome recently said that they have no intention of releasing Brandon Carr, whom they signed in free agency last year, so if he remains, he figures to stay in the starting lineup. Humphrey could play in the slot.

That would bump Tavon Young, who missed his second season with a torn ACL, to the bench. Young started both in the slot and outside during his surprising rookie season in 2016. Maurice Canady is another young cornerback who played in the slot for the Ravens this past season.

Of course, Smith has not exactly been the poster child for health, as he frequently misses time with significant injuries. Humphrey will no doubt see plenty of playing time, however, regardless of health status of the rest of his position group.

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