Super Bowl LII Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday once again and welcome to Super Bowl LII weekend.

The New England Patriots will play the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday evening in Minneapolis, MN in Super Bowl LII and if you’re like me, you’re praying for an asteroid to hit Earth in the next 48 hours. Assuming that doesn’t happen, I suppose all of us fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers should probably be pulling for the Eagles to upset the Patriots.

I plan on sitting back on Sunday and eating 50 wings ahead of the Super Bowl getting underway.

We’ll have a game thread going on Sunday as well and invite all of you to participate in it. I might even run a contest ahead of time.

Enough chit chat, below are your Friday night five questions and I hope several of you have time to answer each one of them along with the two bonus questions in the comment section below.

Peace and love, peace and love! Have a safe Super Bowl weekend.

Go Eagles!

1 – Name one team from the AFC and NFC that did not make the playoffs this season that will do so next season. Also, name one team from the AFC and NFC that made the playoffs this season that won’t make it next season.

2 – Where will quarterback Kirk Cousins be playing in 2018?

3 – Over/under 22.5 total completions for Eagles quarterback Nick Foles in Super Bowl LII?

4 – The result of the Super Bowl LII coin-flip will be heads or tails?

5 – Over/under 74.5 receiving yards for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in Super Bowl LII?

Bonus #1 – For 8 points, without going over the actual number, what will the combined total be of points scored plus explosive plays of 20 yards or longer plus total turnovers?

Bonus #2 – Will former Steelers guard Alan Faneca be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday night?

Recap of Senior Bowl Week Friday Night Questions:

Question 1 – An optimistic response of 14 yes; believe that a long-term contract will be signed without having to tag Le’Veon Bell. Alan Tman even laid out the terms: $45 million over 3 years with $28 million guaranteed over 2 years. It would be spread this way: 18-15-12. The 11 naysayers don’t see the Steelers offering more than last year nor Bell taking an offer he has already turned down. Stay tuned.

Question 2 – Alabama LB Rashaan Evans is the Senior Bowl player that we would most like to see in a Steelers uniform. He got 5 votes. Next with 3 votes is Oklahoma LB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo. Six players got 2 votes each: Texas A & M Safety Armani Watts; UCF LB Shaquem Griffin; Hawaii Safety Trayvon Henderson; Colorado State WR Michael Gallup; USC LB Uchenna Nwoso; & San Diego State RB Rashaad Penny. Texas DT Poona Ford & Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield each got one mention. Dave Bryan’s version 1.0 mock draft and Alex Kozora’s Senior Bowl mock draft both mention at least one of your senior bowl favorites.

Question 3 – Although 18 indicated that they would watch XFL compared to 7 who said no – the support was rather soft when looking at the comments such as Mike Manzo’s, “Only if I’m walking past the tv and it’s on.”

Question 4 – The first question worth points this week. With the Killer B’s playing we thought that Ben, Brown & Bell would rack up some fantasy points. Our median response was 23 points scored with all that talent out there. A killer B did score some fantasy points, but it was Chris Boswell who saved the Steelers from being goose egged. Darth Blount 47 low balled his prediction and pegged it at 6 points. The next closest was a couple people with 14. Well done!

Question 5 – The killer B’s did contribute to the longest touchdown in this year’s Pro Bowl. Ben Roethlisberger’s pick-6 pass was returned for 79 yards and Wes Lee pegged that for 10 points. Well done!

This week is the last opportunity to unseat Alan Tman who has been in first place since Week 8! This is a big weekend for the NFL since the latest class of the Hall of Fame will be announced along with the MVP and offensive & defensive players of the year will be announced. It was already revealed that Tom Brady won the MVP since someone caught a photo of his acceptance speech but perhaps Antonio Brown will get the offensive player of the year. This may also be Alan Faneca’s year to receive the Gold Jacket.

Leaderboard after Senior Bowl Week:

1st Place – Alan Tman with 48.5 points (leader since Week 8!)

2nd Place – Darth Blount 47 with 43.5 points (positioned himself to unseat Alan)

3rd Place – DirtDawg1964 with 43 points (goosed in senior bowl week; needs big finish)

4th Place – Wes Lee with 41.5 points (wasn’t on the leaderboard 3 weeks ago!)

5th Place – LucasY59 with 41 points (Dropped 2 spots but can still do it with a kick at the end)

6th – Matt Manzo with 39 points (needs to score some big points this last week)

7th – (tie) Chris92021 & Jaybird with 38.5 points (Who wants it?)

9th Place – (tie) Marcel Chris Chauvet & Josh Cummings with 36.5 (Looking to finish strong!)

11th Place – Kevin Schwartz with 35.5 points (got to play to win!)

12th Place – SJT63 with 35 points (Lost at Sea)

13th Place – Jeff McNeil with 34.5 points (down another notch)

14th Place – heath miller 33.5 points (Coming out of retirement)

15th Place – Reader783 with 33 points (Oh Brother, where art thou?)

16th Place – (tie) Pittfan, Phil Brennenman II & SkoolHouseRoxx with 32 points (Marooned)

19th Place –19th Place – Michael Mosgrove with 30.5 points (Yoi!)

20th Place – J. with 28.5 points (Has Alan Tman right where he wants him.)

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