NFL Mock Drafts Honing In On Two Names For Steelers

Because I know you guys like mock drafts and what people around the league think about the Pittsburgh Steelers, I’m usually spending once a day glancing over at the new mocks and seeing if any new and interesting names pop up for Pittsburgh.

Lately, it feels like every mock draft reads one of two ways for the Steelers: inside linebacker Rashaan Evans or RB Derrius Guice.

And to be upfront, I’m not saying either or wrong, though Guice is a curious obsession. But that seems be the consensus in the mock draft world.

Evans is selected to the Steelers here, here, and here. And you can see Guice get selected in these mock drafts, including by both in the Houston Chronicle’s first crack at it.

As we’ve mentioned before, Evans is a sensible pick. Guice is more “out there” but I guess the national media is lagging to the realization that Le’Veon Bell isn’t going anywhere.

One mock draft that doesn’t have either player going to Pittsburgh? Mel Kiper Jr., who in his latest mock draft released earlier in the week, has them taking Boise State inside linebacker Leighton Vander Esch. A few choice others are still hanging onto the idea of them taking a quarterback, one position the team will certainly not address early and probably not at all.

So I’ll throw the question your way. Evans and Guice – would you want them in Pittsburgh? If you, who are you honing in on?

Obviously, this thought is all much ado about nothing. It’s early, the mocks don’t change reality, and things will shift, especially post-Combine. It’s just interesting for the group-think to apparently be this strong this early.

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