Josh Dobbs Had To Learn Patience In Rookie Season

For a rookie quarterback, there is so much to learn. A new playbook, a new system, a new approach to just about everything you do. But for a rookie in Josh Dobbs’ shoes, the biggest thing there was to learn? How to be patient.

Such is the life of a mid-round quarterback firmly planted as the third string quarterback. Dobbs came to a team that had their franchise and an established veteran backup. Dobbs did get plenty of reps in training camp after a Jones’ injury and the team wrapping Big Ben up tight (sometimes literally) but once the season began, that all ended.

“It was honestly tough,” he told’s Missi Matthews. “It was tough throughout the season because it was my first season not playing ever, since I started playing football. So it was tough. But you gotta just be patient, you just gotta keep working, put your head down, grow and learn, take advantage of the opportunity and be ready whenever your number is called.”

His number was never called during the regular season, failing to appear in a game thanks to good health from Ben Roethlsberger and Landry Jones. So it was an adjustment and Dobbs admits he isn’t the most patient person in the world.

In the interview, Matthews reminds Dobbs of some advice Mike Tomlin gave him early in the season. Find a receiver after practice to get extra reps in since they’ll be scarce in practice. Whether it was Antonio Brown or Marcus Tucker, Dobbs always had someone to work with. He says that from Day One, Brown was open to him.

“The first day I met him he said, ‘whenever you need extra work or anything, you let me know.’ That’s just the type of guy he is. He has had so much success because he’s willing to put in the extra time and the extra effort.”

2018 could open the door for a true competition for the backup quarterback job, though Jones should still be the heavy favorite. But Dobbs is no longer the wide-eyed rookie. And knowing how impatient he is, a good trait to have in this league, he’ll be hungry to make a run for the job.

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