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Colbert Says 2018 QB Draft Class Is ‘An Intriguing Group’

It goes without saying that this year’s draft class is a deep one when it comes to the quarterback position. In fact, we could potentially see as many as five quarterbacks drafted in the first-round this year. On Wednesday, Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert addressed the media in Indianapolis ahead of this year’s scouting combine and he talked about the 2018 quarterback draft class.

“The draft is an intriguing group for college quarterbacks,” Colbert said. “Now, you have to sort through that group and really make sure that we can predict their ability to succeed in the NFL because the majority of them are coming from a spread concept and that lends challenges to us to be able to identify NFL traits within those concepts so that we can maybe make good decisions if we decide to pick a quarterback.”

Would the Steelers really draft a quarterback this year with Ben Roethlisberger recently stating that he wants to play at least three more seasons and the organization drafting Joshua Dobbs just a year ago in the fourth-round and having backup Landry Jones under contract for the 2018 season? I doubt seriously that would happen but with that said, you can probably expect the team to do their pre-draft due diligence when it comes to the quarterback position in the coming weeks.

Colbert did talk Wednesday about how depth at one certain position such as quarterback this year can help every NFL team.

“Whenever there’s depth at any position it helps either if you’re taking that position, or if you’re not interested, other teams taking that position so as to flush players that you’re interested in to you,” Colbert said. “So, depth at any position is important and again, it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t take a player just because we have great players, because you can never have enough good players at any position.”

Colbert’s comments aside, don’t look for the Steelers to draft another quarterback this year. Personally, I think he just wants other teams to think that he will be open to doing so in case he can work out some sort of trade during the draft.

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