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Dulac: Randy Fichtner Expected To Be Named Steelers’ Offensive Coordinator

After formally parting ways with Todd Haley earlier today, it sounds like the Pittsburgh Steelers are moving quickly to find his replacement. According to this report by Gerry Dulac, the team is expected to name Randy Fichtner as the new offensive coordinator in the coming days.

From Dulac:

This move was expected all along. The system will generally stay the same, meaning Ben Roethlisberger and company don’t have to start all over as they would if an outsider came into the fold. And Fichtner has a reportedly great relationship with Roethlisberger, to the point where Fichtner came down from the box mid-season to work with Ben and Haley.

Fichtner was hired to be the Steelers’ wide receiver coach in 2007. He took over the QB job when Ken Anderson retired. He has never called plays in the NFL but served as the Memphis Tigers’ OC from 2001 to 2006, developing players like DeAngelo Williams. Tomlin and Fichtner also worked together at Arkansas State for a brief time.

It’s unclear if the team will let him also be the QBs coach or if they will find a replacement. The latter is more likely but we’ll wait and see.

We’ll try to have a full report on Fichtner’s time in Memphis in the morning. If not tomorrow, then definitely by Friday. In the meantime, check out this article Dave Bryan wrote on Fichtner several years ago. A good primer to get to know the man who will be calling plays in 2018.

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