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DeAngelo Williams Says Todd Haley Should Be Fired If Le’Veon Bell Isn’t Run Heavily Against Jaguars

Former NFL running back DeAngelo Williams has never been afraid to speak his mind during interviews. On Tuesday, Williams, who didn’t play at all this past season, let his thoughts known about what the Pittsburgh Steelers should do offensively in Sunday’s Divisional Round playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars during his weekly interview on Steve Gorman SPORTS!

“If Todd Haley doesn’t run the damn ball like he should have the first time they played them this time, they should fire his ass,” Williams said about what the Steelers offensive game plan should be Sunday against the Jaguars. “They should fire him.”

In the Steelers 30-9 Week 5 loss to the Jaguars in Pittsburgh, running back Le’Veon Bell only rushed 15 times for 47 yards with 9 of those carries coming in the first half. Bell did, however, catch 10 passes for 46 yards in that game with 6 of those coming in the first half.  In Haley’s defense, Bell did touch the football 20 times in total prior to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger throwing his first pick-6 of the game.

Those facts aside, Williams continued on with his rant about Bell needing to have been used more on the ground against the Jaguars.

“Ben threw the ball 55 times against a defense that is dead last against the run. Why? Because Le’Veon held out during camp? Like now you don’t have that issue any more,” Williams said.

Williams refused to offer up his thoughts on the other AFC Divisional playoff game between New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans that will take place on Saturday as he doesn’t believe the visiting team has any chance whatsoever at upsetting the defending Super Bowl champions. The former Steelers running back, however, is also very confident that Pittsburgh will take care of the Jaguars on Sunday.

“So, yeah, Jaguars, your gravy train has come to an end,” Williams proclaimed. “You can go back to Florida, you can go ahead and clean out those indoor pools that ya’ll got in yall’s stadium and get them ready for next year.”

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