David DeCastro Criticizes Steelers For Focusing On Patriots

David DeCastro, even though he says much more than he used to, is one guy you don’t expect to make waves in the locker room. But following today’s disappointing loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, he offered some sharp criticism to his teammates who sounded focused on New England, not the current task at hand.

Ed Bouchette has the two quotes from DeCastro, who sounded off on the Steelers giving the opposition bulletin board material.

If you can’t read the tweets, DeCastro said: “It’s embarrassing. It really is. It just blows my mind. They beat us 30-0, we played like crap, and we want to talk about New England. It’s just stupid. It’s just now what you do. You don’t need to give a team like that more bulletin board material.”

And the Steelers provided plenty of that. Mike Mitchell reportedly was outside the Jags’ locker room pre-game, telling them they were going to know his name by the end of the day. Le’Veon Bell sent out this tweet last night, essentially guaranteeing victory.

Jacksonville chirped back throughout the week and after the game, said they felt disrespected.

Ramon Foster pushed back on the narrative the Steelers were looking ahead to the Jaguars. That may be – probably is – true but clearly, DeCastro is not happy with the trash talk.

A little more drama to end a season full of it. Only now, the Steelers will have plenty of time to stew about this one.

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