2017 NFL Championship Week Picks & Predictions: Dave Bryan & David Todd

Every Friday on The Terrible Podcast my co-host David Todd and I pick all of the NFL games against the spread and we post those picks every Sunday morning throughout the season and track the results along the way. Here is a link to the Friday episode. We use the spreads that we see on Friday for our picks below.

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Championship – Playoff Games Line Dave Bryan David Todd
Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots 3:05 PM ET (SUN) Patriots -7.5 Patriots -7.5 Patriots -7.5
AFC Championship Game Final Score Prediction Patriots 25-13 Patriots 27-13
Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles 6:40 PM ET (SUN) Eagles +3 Vikings -3 Vikings -3
NFC Championship Game Final Score Prediction Vikings 20-16 Vikings 24-21
Divisional Week Results 1-3 1-3
2017 Results 131-133 123-141
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