Jalen Ramsey Says Antonio Brown Is One Of NFL’s Best Trash Talkers

Antonio Brown’s actions speak loudly. Cannon-firing loud. But so do his words. Brown’s name got tossed into the A.J. Green/Jalen Ramsey drama. You know that story. Ramsey trash talks Green, gets in his head, Green goes for the chokeslam/punch WWE combo. Both get tossed out of last weekend’s game.

Ramsey talked to the media today to give his side what happened. Bottom line? He loves to getting into a shouting match with the receivers he faces. He told reporters Antonio Brown is one of the game’s biggest trash talkers and that it makes it a lot of fun to go up against him.

Such a reputation isn’t anything new. Back in 2016, Jeremy Fowler dubbed AB the locker room’s biggest trash talker.

“Believe it or not, the Steelers’ best trash-talker is wide receiver Antonio Brown, who is mild-mannered and respectful in interviews. But he loves to talk on the field. “If he beats you, you’re probably going to hear about it,” former Steelers cornerback B.W. Webb said.”

It’s worth noting because Brown is Mr. Cool off the field. And frankly, there aren’t a lot of clips of him trash-talking. What’s out there is generally good-natured, like when he was mic’d up in Week 2 against Xavier Rhodes.

But Brown can talk as much as he wants because his play certainly backs it up. He’s the best receiver in the world and to me, by a healthy margin. Even with the bye week, he’s more than 130 yards ahead of second place and is the league-lead in receptions.

He’s also one of the game’s biggest competitors which lends itself to trash talk. Few outwork AB and it shows on the field. Patrick Peterson told Dan Patrick that after going up against Brown, he understands why he makes so many plays late in games. He’s “always running” and his conditioning is second to none.

Best trash talker. Best receiver. A modern day great.

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