Game Rewind: Steelers Vs Colts Notes

Game notes from last Sunday’s win over the Indianapolis Colts.

First Half

– Kick return unit. Slightly different look with a six man front instead of five. McDonald-Moats-Matakevich-Golden-Chickillo-Fort. Conner/Walton/Nix the wedge, JuJu/Watson the kick returners.

– Out of the bye, Keith Butler brought back his over front a couple times. Seemed to be more successful. Also kept Hargrave at the nose and Heyward was always the 3T. So a more simplified version of it.

– Great rally to the ball by Mike Hilton on third down. Peels off man coverage to force Jacoby Brisssett short of the sticks.

– PR unit. DHB-Watson-Nix-Matakevich-Fort-Golden-Chickillo-Wilcox up front. Haden/Burns the jammers.

– Little surprised Ben Roethlisberger didn’t pull the trigger here. Maybe the INT to Martavis Bryant spooked him. Didn’t want to take another chance.

– Punt coverage. Watt-Fort-Canaday-Matakevich-Chickillo. Nix/Davis the wings, Golden the upback. Hilton/Wilcox gunners.

On the third punt after two straight holds, Arthur Moats subbed in for Watt and made the tackle. Good personnel decision.

– In this instance, Hilton carries #2. Unlike what happened on the touchdown to start the second half. Just inconsistent playcalls – don’t get it.

Le’Veon Bell skinny through the hole.

TJ Watt can’t spin away from this block. Loses vision, loses his gap. He had his worst game of the season.

And Watt wasn’t much better as a pass rusher.

Second Half

– Good seals by Eli Rogers and JuJu Smith-Schuster on 3rd and 1.

– Interior and exterior pressure on this extra point block. Lot of problems.

Jesse James. Eyes down, whiff.

– Disappointed Bell couldn’t get the edge.

– JuJu…fearless. 20 yard reception on third down.

– Lastly, assortment of clips of the Steelers’ DL beasting and feasting.

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