Watch: DeAngelo Williams Faceplants In Wrestling Debut

DeAngelo Williams is following Chuck Noll’s advice and getting on with life’s work. Turns out, life’s work can hit you just as hard as football did.

Debuting his new wrestling career in a tag team match at Slamiversary, Williams attempted to jump off the top rope and body slam another wrestler, snapping the table in two. You’ve seen the move before. “Attempted” though is the key wore here. It didn’t end too well for D-Will.

*This* is never a good position for a wrestler to be in.

Somehow, Williams avoided getting seriously hurt and laughed it off on Twitter.

He won the match, defeating the duo of Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. From Caged Seats, an apparently impressive debut.

“Sure, he didn’t do too much. But he took bumps well, his timing looked good, and he was willing to do a frog splash through the table for the finish. And most importantly, he looked to be having tons of fun out there, which was infectious. It didn’t feel like a guy just looking for a payday. It felt like a guy who enjoyed wrestling and wanted to do his best.

There’s always going to be some issue with full time wrestlers taking losses from guys who aren’t. But at least Williams is a natural athlete and Moose did much of the work. This was as good as you could get for a celebrity appearance.”

Alls well that ends well. He just might need an extra ice pack on Monday. Even out of football, some things never change.

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