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Roger Goodell Looking Forward To Seeing Antonio Brown Celebrate In 2017

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is apparently looking forward to seeing Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown celebrate quite a bit in the end zone this season.

Brown, who was apparently in New York visiting the NFL offices on Monday, posted a quick video of himself with Goodell.

“With the best commissioner in the game — we’re allowed to celebrate now,” Brown said and after Goodell slapped him twice on the shoulder he voiced his approval.

“Let’s do it,” Goodell said.

A few months ago, it was announced that NFL celebration rules have been loosened for the 2017 season and that means players will now be allowed to use the football as a prop, celebrate as a group and even roll around on the ground if they like. This is great news for Brown, who was fined at least three times for excessive celebrations last season.

Brown was reportedly first fined $9,115 last season for twerking in the end zone following a touchdown reception during the Steelers regular season road opener against the Washington Redskins opener. He also was fined another $24,309 for twerking following a score in the Steelers Week 4 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Later in the season, in the Steelers win over the Indianapolis Colts, Brown was penalized and ultimately fined another $24,309 for a choreographed celebration with running back Le’Veon Bell following a score. If those celebratory fines weren’t enough, Brown was also reportedly docked $6,076 for wearing unapproved shoes in the game against the Redskins.

While twerking is reportedly still a no-no in the NFL’s eyes, at least if it includes three or more pelvic thrusts, the leeway players now have moving forward should allow Brown enough creative liberty to avoid fines and celebration penalties in 2017. At least we hope.

“It’s amazing,” Brown said following one of the Steelers OTA practices a few weeks ago. “I’m sure the guys are looking forward to it, the O-line, some of the guys who don’t get to celebrate with the guys who are getting in the end zone. I think it will be fun.”

With the above celebratory rule change noted, teams will now have a time clock on them moving forward.

“There is no set time limit on how long such celebrations can continue. But the league is placing an emphasis on speeding up the pace of games,” the Associated Press reported several weeks ago. “The 40-second play clock will begin once an official signals a touchdown and teams will have to snap the ball for their extra-point play by the end of the clock.”

By the looks of things, Brown had settle up his 2016 tab on Monday.

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