Kevin Colbert Focusing On Giving Back To The Community

I know it doesn’t mean much for the success of the Pittsburgh Steelers season but it’s a welcome sight to see someone do a lot of good in the community. Kevin Colbert has continued to give back to Western PA, serving as an instructor at a local football camp. In the article from The Beaver County Times’ Chris Bradford, Colbert and several other front office members attended.

“Anything we can do to promote our game and help kids, give kids a positive experience,” Colbert said via Bradford. “It’s our obligation to do that.”

Colbert talked to the group of roughly 100 about football and how valuable the game is. Pro Personnel Director Brandon Hunt and assistant coach/scout Steve Meyer were also on hand for the Steelers. Colbert had some interesting thoughts on the way the game is going and the perception the league is fighting.

He fought back on the notion the game is harmful and urged everyone to remember all the good elements football brings.

“I don’t think we emphasize the positive impact of what a game can do for a kid’s growth and development as a person,” Colbert said. “Not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and just from a total growth aspect.”

Obviously, the league has been bogged down in controversy. Concussions lawsuits have often been the top story and Roger Goodell is not viewed favorably by the vast majority of fans.

Colbert also encouraged kids to play multiple sports, a refreshing insight at a time where many coaches want their players to focus on only their sport.

The league has their problems, we don’t have the time here to parse the nuances of every issue, but not everyone in the NFL is self-centered and only caring about the almighty dollar. Count Kevin Colbert as one of the good guys.

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