The Winner Of The 2017 Steelers Mock Draft Contest Is …

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I have now finally managed to score all of the 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft contest submissions that I received this year and according to the results that I have, Denny Durcholz won with 1,020 points.

As of right now, Denny is the unofficial winner of the contest. In order to make sure that I did not make any mistakes, all of you have until 9 AM EST Wednesday to protest that you had a higher score than he did. If no errors are found, then Denny will be paid his winnings.

The next three highest finishers all tied with 960 points and those people are Todd HallGarrett Daniel Goldberg and David Jones. all three receive a copy of the book,  Steelers’ Takeaways: Players Memories Through the Decades by Ron Lippock.

All winners need to contact me soon at admin {{at}} steelersdepot {{dot}} com to claim your winnings.

I hope you all enjoyed the contest once again this year and I am always open to making it better if you have any ideas. If you feel your submission needs to be double-checked, email me and tell me your submission name and what you think your score should be.

Below is the winning submission:

1.1 (30th overall) Takk McKinley 0
1.2 (30th overall) TJ Watt 280
1.3 (30th overall) Jarrad Davis 0
1.4 (30th overall) David Njoku 0
1.5 (30th overall) Charles Harris 0
2.1 (62nd overall) Jabrill Peppers 0
2.2 (62nd overall) Derek Rivers 0
2.3 (62nd overall) Cameron Sutton 60
2.4 (62nd overall) Marcus Maye 0
2.5 (62nd overall) Tarell Basham 0
3.1 (94th overall) Shaquill Griffin 0
3.2 (94th overall) Adam Shaheen 0
3.3 (94th overall) Desmond King 0
3.4 (94th overall) Jalen Myrick 0
3.5 (94th overall) Gerald Everett 0
3.1 (COMP) (105th overall) D’onta Foreman 0
3.2 (COMP) (105th overall) Kareem Hunt 0
3.3 (COMP) (105th overall) Jake Butt 0
3.4 (COMP) (105th overall) George Kittle 0
3.5 (COMP) (105th overall) Teez Tabor 0
4.1 (135th overall) Josh Dobbs 300
4.2 (135th overall) Josh Reynolds 0
4.3 (135th overall) Rasul Douglas 0
4.4 (135th overall) Wayne Gallman 0
4.5 (135th overall) Jamaal Williams 0
5.1 (173rd overall) Corn Elder 0
5.2 (173rd overall) James Conner 80
5.3 (173rd overall) Vince Biegel 0
5.4 (173rd overall) Michael Roberts 0
5.5 (173rd overall) Tanoh Kpassagnon 0
6.1 (213th overall) Shelton Gibson 0
6.2 (213th overall) Ben Gedeon 0
6.3 (213th overall) Matt Milano 0
6.4 (213th overall) Lorenzo Jerome 0
6.5 (213th overall) Josh Harvey-Clemmons 0
7.1 (248th overall) Keion Adams 300
7.2 (248th overall) Javancy Jones 0
7.3 (248th overall) Jonathan Rudy Ford 0
7.4 (248th overall) Duke Riley 0
7.5 (248th overall) Nate Hairston 0
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