Martavis Bryant Shows Off Workout Routine On Instagram

Martavis Bryant certainly has a lot of question marks coming into this season, even if there is a season, which will be up to the league. But one thing is for sure. Bryant is working harder to train this offseason than he ever has before.

If you follow him on social media, you’ve probably seen the workout videos. Last night, he posted a montage of his training, including working out with other NFL players or prospects.

Bryant is working with Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Adam Humphries and Cleveland Browns’ defensive back Justin Currie. It appears they’re all under the tutelage of trainer Alex Fine, whose clientele ranges from Chris Johnson and Shawn Merriman to Terry Crews.

We know Bryant worked to get his weight in a good place, tipping the scales at 225 in late January. He certainly looks the part in the video. After admitting he never took training seriously in the past, that mentality has appeared to change as he works to rebuild his career.

It is just a start and Bryant has a long path ahead of him. He still needs to meet with Roger Goodell before there’s a chance he’ll be let back in. The league is *supposed* to respond to Bryant’s reinstatement request within ten days but as we’ve written about before, the league certainly takes liberties as to when they’ll provide an answer.


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