What’s Your Favorite Play From 2016?

Had the Atlanta Falcons hung on last night, I might have included a fun joke about the title. Alas, the Football Gods taketh away.

Football season is officially done. So it’s officially time for all of us to look into the windshield and reflect on 2016. At least, for another month until free agency is close and we have something meaningful to talk about.

So I’ll throw the question out to you all, our dear Steelers’ Depot faithful braving the elements and/or their hangover to venture on the Internet today after another Patriots’ win. What is your favorite play by the Pittsburgh Steelers this season?

It doesn’t have to bee a game-winner, it doesn’t have to come in a victory, though, of course, it certainly can be. It doesn’t even have to be the most memorable play of the game. As people who write for the Interwebz, we like weird and quirky around here.

I’ll try to tally things up throughout the day of your feedback. Write a bullet point, hash out a paragraph, spin a novel, whatever story you’d like to include telling us why *that* play was your favorite. Totally subjective, it can be meaningful to you and you only.

For me, and admittedly, I am totally off the top of my head here, it was Ben Roethlisberger’s fake spike to Antonio Brown. That was a banana’s game, even if by the time it was over, it felt like someone ripped out my soul. In that moment, though, it was the greatest sight to behold. The special chemistry between Ben and AB, a play that makes up for all of those “little annoyances” we’ve come to deal with. A quick thumbs up, a subtle nod, taking advantage of a corner – Leon McFadden – who was just pressed into action.

The fake, the woah, what’s happening, moment that exists for just the shortest of seconds until you realize Roethlisberger still has the ball and he’s chucking it up to Brown. Brown coming down with it, the fans going bonkers, you going bonkers, me going bonkers.

It was bonkers, if you can’t tell that’s what I’m getting at.

Forget about the defensive collapse that even Atlanta would’ve laughed at. For that play was as fun as anything. True backyard football. Ben and AB, making it up as they went along. Don’t let that play slip your mind.


AB Extension TD vs Baltimore: 10
Ben’s Fake Spike to AB: 2
DHB End Around TD: 1
Hargrave’s Sack Of Brady: 1
AB’s Playoff TD vs Miami: 1
Daniel McCullers Sack On RG3: 1

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