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Demarcus Ayers Announces He’s Undergoing Surgery Tuesday

For those wondering why Demarcus Ayers wasn’t active for the AFC Title game, this *may* serve as your answer.

Ayers took to his Instagram account about an hour ago to thank Steelers’ Nation for supporting him during his rookie season. And he left a little nugget of information, too, announcing he was undergoing surgery. He doesn’t specify the nature of the surgery.

His full post.

And the quote about the injury.

“So with that being said As I prepare for my 2nd season in the NFL I thought I share with you guys that I am undergoing Surgery tomorrow so I can be an even better Player next year for my Team & myself I Gave everything I had this year fighting through and playing with multiple injuries. Thank you guys for all the support I’ll be back on my feet in no time”

I don’t believe Ayers was listed on the injury report at any point this season and he wasn’t served with an injury designation for the game against the New England Patriots. There’s certainly no guarantee an injury kept him out; lots of players go through minor clean-up surgery. Of course, the Steelers never listed Le’Veon Bell either, who has suggested he may have to get surgery to repair the groin injury that forced him to bow out of the game.

Again, no indication of the type of injury, the severity, or recovery. With the offseason getting underway, he should have plenty of time to rest and rehab from whatever the issue is.

In his rookie season, Ayers caught six passes for 53 yards and a touchdown. He’ll be in the thick of things to make the roster next season. If he does, he should be Eli Rogers’ backup in the slot.

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