Roethlisberger Says He Used “Off” Week To Work With Brown, Bell

Last week was Killer B’s version of a spring break. A time to relax and recharge the batteries before gearing up for the playoff push. While I bet Ben Roethlisberger is feeling much healthier than he would’ve been had he played, last week wasn’t one to completely blow off. He took advantage and spent extra work with Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell.

“We spent some time during special teams and during the defensive periods last week, doing some route combinations,” Roethlisberger told reporters. “I broke down some stuff on film. I was able to take them off to the side and really put in some hard work on our own.”

It’s a testament to the trio’s work ethic and leadership for not using the rest they were given as a vacation and looking for ways to grow as a group. It’s not like Roethlisberger and Brown needed any extra work. Ben said his chemistry with Brown is unique.

“Chemistry AB and I have, not too many people could have. It’s fun to have that.”

Brown caught 106 passes this season, most from Roethlisberger, and finished second in the NFL in receptions. Larry Fitzgerald nudged ahead of him in the final week of the season when Brown was on the bench.

Bell finished second on the team in reception with 75, head and shoulders above third place, Eli Rogers’ 48 grabs.

And it’s the first time the “Big Three” will ever play in a playoff game together. It’s Bell’s first playoff game ever, if you can believe that, getting hurt in 2014 in the final week of the season and missing last year’s contests after his MCL tear.

Pittsburgh is about as healthy as they’ve ever been. Combine that with the extra work they’re putting in and it’s a dangerous offense heading into the playoffs.

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