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Antonio Brown: ‘I Absolutely Regret The Facebook Live Situation’

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown addressed the media on Wednesday and it was the first time he has done so since live-streaming on Facebook from the team’s locker room following the Divisional Round win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

“I absolutely regret the Facebook live situation,” Brown said. “Total distraction to the organization, total distraction to my teammates and obviously, a disrespect to my coach. I’ve got the utmost respect for my coach so I solely regret that. I stand by my statement last night and I just got carried away in the moment. I live with that moment from last year, not being able to play in the Divisional game, not being able to make the trip with the team, so I was a little bit genuinely excited in that moment.”

Brown was asked about any forthcoming punishments he might receive and he said that will be between him and the NFL.

“We’re not all perfect,” Brown said. “I’m human. I’m going to make mistakes, but as a man, I’m going to own up to those mistakes. I was genuinely excited in that moment. I wanted to give the fans an in-tuned experience in regards to being excited after a game. But I think people know what I stand for, what I represent and what type of person I am.”

Brown said he won’t have a bigger chip on his shoulder for Sundays AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots just because of what transpired over the course of the last several days

“It’s championship football,” Brown said. “What other motivation do you need. We work all year to get into this position. We’re here now and I’m excited about that opportunity.”

Brown was later asked if he has a contract with Facebook.

“It’s top secret,” Brown said.

He was also asked if he’ll continue to do live videos after games.

“I’ll guess you got to wait and see,” Brown said.

Brown also indicated that he wasn’t aware of the league’s social media policy that prohibits players from using it 90 minutes before and after games.

Due to head coach Mike Tomlin making a comment Tuesday about how great players bounce from team to team, Brown was asked if that made any impression on him.

“Absolutely,” Brown said. “Those words that he spoke I didn’t take lightly. That’s a big statement coming from our head coach and I don’t take those things for granted. I’ve got to relish in those words and I’m looking forward to just doing my job.”

Brown later indicated that it bothers him seeing ex-teammates and other players talking about him and the video and that he regrets his kids seeing him on TV for the wrong reasons.

Now that it looks like the bulk of this situation with Brown is behind him, he can now start concentrating on doing his job against the Patriots.

“I’m excited to keep business booming this weekend,” Brown said.

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