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Giants Accusing Steelers Of Deflating Footballs (NFL Update)

That noise you hear is the collective sigh of all football fans.

And for the New York Giants, maybe also the noise of a deflated football.

Fox’s Jay Glazer broke news today that the Giants tested the footballs from last Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers to see if they were at the right PSI. They’ve now contacted the NFL and are awaiting a response. Here’s Glazer’s full report.

The main quote from Glazer in case you can’t see the video above.

“Last week, the New York Giants got suspicious of the Pittsburgh Steelers during their game. After two takeaways from the Steelers, the Giants actually tested two of the footballs on the sidelines to see if it was in fact [deflated].”

The Giants apparently got results that show the footballs were under the regulated PSI.

According to Glazer, he talked to someone inside the Steelers’ organization today and they showed no concern over the accusation, saying they’ve done nothing wrong.

The NFL Network’s Aditi Kinkhabwala got no comment from her source.

Again, there has been no official word from the league yet.

I tuned out most of the Deflategate particulars but I’m guessing the cold weather would have played a role in the footballs being a little under pressure, if they were at all.

If the football gods are kind, hopefully this story will blow over in a week. And remember, even if there is something to this story, Tom Brady wasn’t suspended so much for having the footballs deflated but for not cooperating with Roger Goodell and the league.

UPDATE: The NFL has announced all footballs were in compliance and the Giants never issued a formal complaint. So the story is over in record time. Thank goodness.

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