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Mike Tomlin: ‘I Thought The Officiating Was Questionable At Times’

The Pittsburgh Steelers snapped their four-game losing streak Sunday by beating the Cleveland Browns 24-9 on the road but head coach Mike Tomlin wasn’t happy with some of the performances that he saw during the game. Most notably from the officiating crew.

“I thought the officiating was questionable at times,” Tomlin said.

When pressed a little later during his press conference to explain about Sunday’s officiating, Tomlin didn’t hold back.

“I just thought it was questionable,” Tomlin said. “I thought there were some bad calls, or no calls.”

One no-call that we know upset Tomlin included Browns cornerback Joe Haden holding Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown on a deep 3rd down and 5 pass with 4:07 left in the fourth quarter. You can see that replay below.

We’ll make sure to look at all the questionable calls as the week progresses but you can probably count on Tomlin being fined by the league for his comments about the game officiating.

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