Martavis Bryant Criticizes Fans On Snapchat

Steelers’ Nation weren’t the only ones frustrated by the Pittsburgh Steelers’ ugly 21-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

So was Martavis Bryant.

Bryant took to his Snapchat account to chide fans who have been critical of him and his off the field actions, posting the following.


If you can’t get the picture to show up, it reads.

“One of the pieces missing but people swore up and down that I wasn’t a big part guess everyone see now huh !! from day one when I got there I helped the team out I am not the biggest piece of the puzzle but I am one of the pieces that matter facts.”

Bryant has gotten a flurry of angry tweets and messages since being suspended for the entire season after another violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

That frustration is something to sympathize with but of course, it’s Bryant who made himself unavailable. It wasn’t injury, it wasn’t the team cutting him for performance reasons. It was his own actions and repeated mistakes, despite vowing to be better, that has him on the sidelines.

This is far from the first time Bryant has vented on social media. Whether it’s responding to fans or Stephen A Smith’s comments, he’s let a lot of the noise get to him. Again, that is something to sympathize with, but Bryant is going to need to be able to focus less on what other people say and ignore distractions to become the type of dependable player – and talented one – the Steelers need him to be.

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