Martavis Bryant Responds To Stephen A: Don’t Judge Me

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant has taken a social media sabbatical basically since the news of his year-long suspension came down in March. But it looks like Bryant hopped back onto the grid today and responded to a nearly month-ago comment Stephen A Smith made on First Take.

He was responding to a Vine where Smith criticized Bryant’s decision to coach Nevada high school football during his time away. On July 29th, Smith said.

“You’re going to go around kids? What the hell are you going to teach them? How to puff and pass? I don’t want to hear that.”

Bryant responded with a series of tweet aimed at the ESPN figurehead.

Always one to respond, Stephen A replied back.

I’m sure Bryant doesn’t like coming back to a flood of nasty comments but deciding to publicly lash out probably isn’t the best approach to take. Bryant’s actions have opened itself to criticism and yes, is something you’re going to be judged on for how impactful it was.

To his credit, it doesn’t mean he’s wrong to stay involved in football and coach kids during his suspension. Smith’s original “puff and pass” comments were exaggerated and downright stupid. People get the chance to redeem themselves and try to do good while they serve their punishment.

I don’t think either person comes out looking good here though ultimately Bryant’s future actions, not his or anyone else’s words, will be all that matters.

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