Ex-Steeler Will Allen Rightfully Upset With ESPN Over Inaccurate Headline

Will Allen is mad at ESPN. And I think everyone would agree.

ESPN, painted as the pillar of sports journalism, continues to struggle to get basic facts and headlines right. For at least the second time in the past year, they posted a headline about former Miami Dolphins’ cornerback Will Allen with the Steelers’ Allen as the headline picture.

Allen tweeted about it today with a screencap of what ESPN sent out.

According to Allen, they’ve yet to issue an apology to the former Steeler.

It is the Dolphins’ Will Allen who plead guilty to the ponzi scheme. You can read the full story here from the New York Post, complete with an accurate photo of Allen, who also spent time with the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

ESPN took down their tweet without mentioning their error. The article still exists on their site, written via the AP, without a picture.

The Worldwide Leader made the same mistake last year, as Allen points out.

Allen is well known for his foundation, the Will Allen Foundation, and charity work around the community.

While this wasn’t a malicious mistake by ESPN, it is an egregious one, and one that needs to be addressed. So far, it appears they haven’t.

Correction: ESPN did send this tweet out after 1 AM last night addressing the error though there is no direct apology to Allen.

Allen’s tweets came this afternoon, implying ESPN has yet to actually directly reach out to him.

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