Watch: Recapping Steelers Week One Win

Like we’ve been doing since the preseason, we’re recapping the Pittsburgh Steelers 38-16 win over Washington last night. Slightly different format than the preseason. Not recapping things position-by-position but a “How the Steelers won” scope.

Makes the video a bit shorter too. You can watch this and still check out your favorite Youtube Channel, watch that clip fromĀ Ellen, however you spend your lunch break (or entire work day).

Sorry in advance for the even grainier video quality. Short explanation of why in the video: Google Hangouts On Air is shutting down and everything is moving to Youtube Live. If anyone has any advice/expertise on how to best set up live streaming to that, I’m slowly figuring things out, let me know in the comments section, on Twitter, Pony Express, whatever.

So again, sorry it looks like this was recorded in 1932.

Leave whatever other feedback in the comments below or on the video itself.


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