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Early Contract Details For Steelers G David DeCastro

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed guard David DeCastro to a five-year, $50 million contract extension on Thursday and already we’re starting to get a good idea as to how the deal breaks down number and cash flow wise.

For starters, DeCastro reportedly received a $16 million signing bonus as part of his extension and according to Pro Football Talk, he’ll earn a total of $18.1 million in 2016. If those numbers are indeed correct, DeCastro should have a cap charge of $5.3 million in 2016. Being as DeCastro was originally scheduled to have a cap charge of $8.07 million in 2016, his new extension should clear $2.77 million in salary cap space for this year.

In addition to DeCastro earning $18.1 million in 2016, he’ll also reportedly earn another $6.75 million in March of 2017 and that will come in the form of a roster bonus, which reportedly isn’t guaranteed. That will mean that the former first-round draft pick will earn nearly $25 million by the middle of March.

According to Mike Florio, DeCastro is now set to earn $33.5 million in the first three years of his new deal and being as nearly $25 million of that will be earned by March, that leaves $8.65 million to be split up as his base salaries in 2017 and 2018. The final three years of base salaries for DeCastro (2019-2021) should total out to be $24.57 million as the total six-year contract reportedly totals out at $58.07 million.

As soon as we know what DeCastro’s base salaries are past 2016, then his future cap charges can easily be figured and I will pass them along to you.

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