Deadspin: Why The Steelers Suck

Calm down, Steelers’ Nation. This is all in good fun.

One of my favorite yearly series of articles is the Why Your Team Sucks series by Deadspin’s Drew Magary. He attacks every team with the same vigor so if you’re unfamiliar, don’t think he’s singling out just the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But you gotta admit, this is pretty funny. And half of each article consists of letters from fans, ribbing their own team.

Some of my personal favorite highlights.

“You already know that Le’Veon Bell (three games) and Martavis Bryant (whole season!) are suspended for violating the league drug policy and have already been forced to apologize for LETTING DOWN STEELER NATION”

“Miller’s replacement is Ladarius Green, who apparently has CTE in his ankle.”

“James Harrison is the worst. When it comes to choosing between him and Goodell, I choose the asteroid.”

What might not suck: Antonio Brown is a living god.”

“At least we know we’ll go 11-5 and lose to the Patriots in the playoffs.”

“The Ravens went 5-11 last year. The Steelers lost to them – twice.”

So if you have a little sense of humor, the rest is well worth the read. Be warned, a little bit of NSFW language going on.

You can check out Magary’s ongoing series of the WYTS series here, which will continue up until the regular season. Specifically, here’s why the Bengals, Ravens, and Browns suck.

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