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NFL Reveals 6 Vintage Steelers Games To Be Featured Free On Youtube

Just over a week ago, I posted that fans of every NFL team could vote for three games they would like to see uploaded free to Youtube. On Thursday, the league-wide fan voting results were announced and it shows that six Pittsburgh Steelers games will be included in the 96 total games.

The three games Steelers fans voted the most for were Super Bowl XLIII — (Steelers vs. Cardinals) (39%), the 2008 AFC Championship Game — (Steelers vs. Ravens) (23%) and the 2005 AFC Divisional Game — (Steelers vs. Colts) (16%).

In addition to those three games, Super Bowl XLV — (Packers vs Steelers) (35%), the 2007 AFC Wild Card Game — (Jaguars vs. Steelers) (29%) and the 1994 AFC Championship Game — (Chargers vs. Steelers) (22%) will also be uploaded to Youtube being as they received enough votes from fans of the Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers.

Personally, I was hoping that fans of the Tennessee Titans would have voted enough for the 2002 AFC Divisional Round Game (Titans vs. Steelers) so that it would be uploaded, but that didn’t wind up being the case.

The full network broadcasts of all 96 games chosen will be uploaded this August in conjunction with the start of the NFL preseason, so make sure you are on the lookout for them.

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