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NFL To Upload 3 Steelers’ Playoff Games To Youtube

The NFL announced on Thursday that they will be uploading three full game broadcasts for each team to Youtube in the near future and asking fans to vote for which games they’d like to see.

When it comes to available games for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the choices, while great, appear to be few and they include Super Bowl X (Cowboys), Super Bowl XIII (Cowboys) and Super Bowl XLIII (Cardinals) in addition to the 2008 AFC Championship Game (Ravens) and the 2005 AFC Divisional Round Game (Colts). You can vote for your favorite below or at the Steelers official Facebook page.

I took a quick look around at the other choices fans are being given around the league and it appears as though there’s a chance that three more Steelers games could wind up being selected. Those games include the 2002 AFC Divisional Round Game (Titans), Super Bowl XLV (Packers) and the 1994 AFC Championship Game (Chargers).

The poll and choices above aside, I would now like to know which three non-playoff Steelers games you would request to have uploaded to Youtube if ever given the opportunity to do so. Let me know in the comments below.

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