Who Is The Steelers Most Polarizing Player?

Had a good discussion Monday with Dave on The Terrible Podcast, talking about Lawrence Timmons and if he’s the most polarizing player on the team. I didn’t totally agree with the assessment, though I understand it, but it got me to thinking: if it isn’t Timmons (and maybe you think it is), then who is the most polarizing player on this team?

I’ll leave the exact defining up to you but generally, we’re talking about a player who elicits mixed reactions from fans. Some love him, some don’t like him.

So who is it? Timmons? Markus Wheaton? Ryan Shazier? Mike Mitchell? Or someone else?

Let us know in the comments below and we’ll tally things up throughout the day. Make sure you comment. I don’t want a final ballot of like, eight people, because that’s mind-numbingly boring.

I don’t mean to sway any opinions here but this is my quick take on who the most polarizing one is. I truly don’t think Timmons is. I don’t think most fans even think about him. He’s like the wind, always there, and rarely bothers you.

For me, it’s Mitchell. There is a lot of hate for him. People who are still angry about his social media tirades in 2014. People who hate how cocky he is, celebrating after every hit. I harbor none of that, to be clear, but it’s obviously out there. There’s people who still think he’s a penalty machine, though he had just two last season. Definitely a lot of hate out there.

But we know he’s a good player who had a strong 2015 year. He’s tough, a hard worker, and an enforcer. So a lot of people warmed up to him after seeing him healthy this year.

Anyway, let me know who you think below. Hopefully we can have a interesting discussion to pass the time and get us into the weekend.


Jarvis Jones: 15
Mike Mitchell: 10
Maurkice Pouncey: 7
Martavis Bryant: 6
Ryan Shazier: 3
Lawrence Timmons: 3
Markus Wheaton: 3
Mike Tomlin: 1
Shamarko Thomas: 1
Ben Roethlisberger: 1
Artie Burns: 1
Anthony Chickillo: 1
Alejandro Villanueva: 1
Bud Dupree: 1
Todd Haley: 1
Ross Cockrell: 1

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