James Harrison Doesn’t Budge On Interview Stipulations

James Harrison issued a strong statement last night, telling Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL he would meet with them in their investigation into the PED allegations against him and several other NFL players. If you missed his Instagram post, here it is again.

The PPG’s Ray Fittiapaldo snagged an interview with Harrison, training at Arizona’s Danney Center, for a follow up to those comments.

“I have nothing to hide,” he told Fittipaldo. “I will do an interview, but I’ll do it with my stipulations.”

Harrison also said he felt it was important for Roger Goodell to be at the meeting because the league asked Harrison to go to New York to attend the league’s meeting on helmet-to-helmet hits. Goodell probably doesn’t want to go but it’s certainly a reasonable request for Harrison to ask. After all, Goodell would be the one to issue any punishment.

The Steelers’ linebacker again dismissed any notion of this investigation having merit.

“That would be like someone saying James Harrison is a pedophile, and then someone starts an investigation. That’s what they’re leaving the gates open for.”

The league sent a letter to him, along with Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers, stating they are going to interview Harrison on the first day of training camp, July 28th. Harrison’s counter has been put out there and as he said in the article, “all they have to do is call me.”

Earlier today, the league sent a “no comment” to Pro Football Talk in response to Harrison’s demands.  

Clearly, this is far from the end of this story. We’ll update you when either side budges.

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