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Antonio Brown Training In Miami With Several NFL Players

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ offseason program officially concluded last week. But if you know anything about Antonio Brown, his training continues. He’s back down in Miami with several NFL players under the guise of “Bo The Trainer.”

“Bo,” Bo Smith of Milk Personal Training, posted this photo of the group. The players include the Minnesota Vikings Teddy Bridgewater and the New York Jets Kenbrell Thompkins.

And this posted this photo of their workout session.

This isn’t the first time Brown has worked with Bo before. AB was in Miami last year with Josh Harris, working to get into the top physical conditioning. Conditioning is something Mike Tomlin preaches all the time.

Here’s what Tomlin said as the team broke OTAs.

“The next five weeks are going to be big and that’s one of the things that we stressed in terms of leaving them with,” said Tomlin. “What they do from here on is probably going to define them from a conditioning standpoint in 2016. That’s one thing that they can control.”

I’m just thinking out loud here, and so far, there is no indication that he’s there, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Eli Rogers join Brown.

Rogers has created a close relationship with him and his friendship with Bridgewater dates back to high school, where the two were teammates. When Bridgewater committed to Miami, so did Rogers. When Bridgewater changed his mind to Louisville, Rogers followed. So from a pure dot-connecting sense, and the obvious benefit of Rogers being there, it’d made sense.

This Locker Room article grabs a couple of quotes from Bo The Trainer about working with AB.

“A guy by the name of Antonio Brown, I was training him and [a fellow athlete] at the same time, giving them the same insights and advice of being an athlete on the professional level,” said Bo. “Antonio Brown did everything I said and stored it into his brain and in his chest and followed all I laid out for him. He went into the league and is going on his third year now.”

The Steelers’ star receiver’s work ethic is certainly one of the most insatiable in the league and even for a player of his caliber, there’s always the desire to get better.

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