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Steelers Salary Cap: Speculated Rookie Contracts For Hawkins, Feeney, Ayers, Matakevich

The Pittsburgh Steelers added four more members to their 2016 draft class on Saturday with the selections of Jerald Hawkins, Travis Feeney, DeMarcus Ayers and Tyler Matakevich. Those four players should all sign their rookie contracts very soon being as the amounts and guaranteed portions are nearly etched in stone thanks to the rookie wage scale.

We have already taken a look at what the contracts will look like for the Steelers first three draft picks and below are the estimated 2016 salary cap charges for the team’s final four selections.

Jerald Hawkins – $582,621

Travis Feeney – $475,088

DeMarcus Ayers – $469,913

Tyler Matakevich – $465,763

All four of these draft picks will be signed to four year contracts and that process will likely start taking place next weekend when the team’s rookie mini camp gets underway in Pittsburgh.

As of right now, the speculated total salary cap amount for all seven of the Steelers draft pick’s contracts amounts to $5,103,599 and while that amount looks large, it’s important to remember that roster displacement in the top 51 will also take place. That process should result in the Steelers needing less than $2 million in cap space to accommodate all seven of their draft picks in addition to the undrafted free agents they have signed.

I will update all of the contract details of all of the new Steelers players as soon as they sign their deals.

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