Ross Ventrone Roots For Penguins In Way Only He Can

This may be a Pittsburgh Steelers’ dominated site but with tonight being Game One of the Stanley Cup Final, we’re all Pittsburgh Penguins’ fans.

We’ve seen Antonio Brown, Mike Tomlin, and Brett Keisel attend home games last series which ended in a Game 7 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. But no one has celebrated quite like Ross Ventrone.

On Instagram today, he showed his support for the Pens in the most Ventrone way possible. Strapping on some goalie pads and rolling around the Roberto Clemente Bridge.


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This might even top his celebrations during Villanova’s, his alma mater, run during the NCAA playoffs. One which included him running on a road with ladder in hand.

Ventrone has always had that cooky, good-natured approach which has probably come in handy to survive his NFL career. I don’t think anyone has been cut and signed more times in a season than Ventrone, who famously was signed/released 21 times by the New England Patriots in 2011.

He affirmed that to’s Teresa Varley a little over a week ago.

“I absolutely love the game. I’ve come to love all the guys I play with, and to be in a place like Pittsburgh, it just makes you want to keep going. I love all my teammates, I love my coaches, the organization. It’s my hometown so it really pushes you to keep at it.”

Ventrone will again be on the roster bubble entering 2016. If the Steelers keep five safeties, there’s a reasonable expectation he will make it as one of the team’s better special teamers. But if they keep only four, opting to rill with six cornerbacks, Ventrone is likely to be on the outside. He’s an easy cut because it’s happened so often before, with the likelihood of him still being available in free agency if he ever needs to be brought back. Such is life as a special teamer. But even if he fails to make the opening day roster, he’ll probably take it in stride.

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