NFL Combine What To Watch For: Day Four

Last one, everybody! Enjoy it. Defensive backs running today and hopefully we see some fast times, a refreshing change.


James Bradberry from Samford has the length, and sure, he is never going to be the most fluid, but I want to see him get lower in his pedal and be a little less stiff in his turn. Long-legged guy whose lower half kind of works against him. But he’s nearly 6’1, 211 pounds with 33 inch arms. Someone is going to really be interested. Probably not Pittsburgh though.

– The fastest player of the group? Maybe of the Combine? Watch out for Miami (FL) corner Artie Burns. Word is he could touch the low 4.2’s. At six foot with over 33 inch arms, those would be impressive triangle numbers.

William Jackson III is in a similar boat as Bradberry but is the much better prospect. He is stiff-hipped from what I saw on tape and I want to get another look today. There are many who love him and think he’s the best corner in the draft.

– Hoping for Auburn’s Jonathan Jones to turn in a good 40 time and maybe more importantly, explosion numbers (broad + vert). He came in taller here than the Senior Bowl, now listed at 5’9/1, but the supplemental numbers will show teams he can play bigger. I expect him to do well; saw him in Mobile get way up.

Harlan Miller has gotten buzz on here and draft circles. I like his game and he hung tough every day of the Senior Bowl but man does he have a skinny lower half and needs to hit the weight room. Upper body lacks strength, too. Did just six reps of 225, the lowest of any player – regardless of position . He needs to impress in other areas tomorrow to shake that off.

Jalen Mills can click and close on the three step game with the best of them. But he is stiffer when asked to flip and run. Let’s see if he’s worked on anything.

– I want to see long speed from Eric Murray. He needs to play cleaner at the next level, way too grabby, and if he shows he has trouble running, he’s going to have a difficult time finding a way to win in the league. Either grab and get flagged or don’t and get burned.

Jalen Ramsey is just going to be fun to watch. He’ll crush all the events. I’m just genuinely happy to watch a great player show off.

Tavon Young another undersized player who needs to test well to shake the “too small” status off him.


Deon Bush is a big hitter. Will knock your head off. But want to see him time well and flip his hips, show some range.

– Feel Jeremy Cash is going to be limited to his Duke role, playing in the box as a hybrid type, but if he wants to make teams give him a second look, he needs to run well. Gotta get into the 4.5’s. Since 2013, the only safety who has had success and ran above 4.6 is Kenny Vaccaro.

Sean Davis should show off his quick feet and transition. The Cleveland Browns’ were interested in him at Mobile. Possible Round 3 pick for them?

– I’ve said at worst, DeAndre Houston-Carson is going to be a core special teamer, but he needs to do something to stand out. Quiet Senior Bowl. If he’s again quiet here, it’ll be disappointing.

Miles Killebrew has been pegged as a safety or linebacker but he dropped down to 219 for the Combine, suggesting he wants to be a safety. Now he needs to run like one. I think Mike Mayock predicted he’d run in the 4.4’s tomorrow, which would be awesome.

– Big safety buzz is over Florida’s Keanu Neal. If he runs well, that buzz is going to swirl even more. There was a report the Steelers liked him so you can bet they’ll be paying attention.

– Watched Tyvis Poswell recently and while he’s long, built, and can play downhill, I want to see his range. Didn’t get a good feel for it in the tape I watched.

– The only knock on Darian Thompson has been some hip stiffness. So let’s see if he can sink his hips and show some range.

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