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Bengals Adam Jones Sings The Blues: Says Steelers Antonio Brown ‘Deserves A Grammy’

Immediately following the Pittsburgh Steelers Saturday night Wild Card win, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones took to Instagram in order to bitch and moan about what took place in the game. Additionally, he told one national media member that Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown “flopped” after being hit in the head by Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict in what would ultimately be Pittsburgh’s final offensive play of the game.

Monday morning, Jones stood by his comments about Brown in an interview on the Dan Patrick Show.

“He deserves a Grammy,” Jones said.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a Grammy an award related to the music industry? Too funny.

Brown laid on the field several minutes following the hit by Burfict before finally being escorted by the Steelers medical staff to the sideline. The penalty flag on Burfict had long been thrown by then and would’ve stood even if Brown had bounced right back up just like fellow wide receiver Markus Wheaton did earlier in the game following a similar hit over the middle.

Jones really is embarrassing himself at this point with his finger pointing as it was he who ultimately gave the Steelers 15 more yards of field position after going after Pittsburgh linebackers coach Joey Porter, who was on the field to check on Brown following the hit by Burfict. Had Jones not been penalized, the Steelers offense more than likely would’ve had to run at least one more play in order to get closer for kicker Chris Boswell.

Sounds like Jones is singing the blues and I doubt he’ll win any award for that and especially not in Cincinnati.

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