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Bengals Adam Jones Says Steelers Antonio Brown “Flopped” On Hit From Vontaze Burfict

The actions of Cincinatti Bengals cornerback Adam Jones late in Saturday’s Wild Card Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers cost his team 15 yards and eventually the game. Jones was penalized 15 yards for bumping into an official while going after Steelers linebackers coach Joey Porter, who was out on the field checking on wide receiver Antonio Brown, who was down on the ground following a vicious shot to the head by Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict.

After the game was over and before Jones took to Instagram to deliver a profanity-filled rant that has since been deleted, he had the guts to say Brown flopped after being hit by Burfict.

“Man, that (expletive) was (expletive) acting. He flopped. He needs a (expletive) Academy Award for that performance,” Jones said, according to Mike Silver of

As you can see in the animated gif, Brown certainly didn’t flop as Burfict cleanly hit him in the head. It was a clear cheap shop and one that will reportedly end in not only Burfict being fined, but him being suspended as well. Brown was a defenseless receiver on the play and Burfict targeted him. End of story.

The Bengals loss now sits squarely on the shoulders of both Burfict and Jones as the two delivered 30 free yards to the Steelers on that one play. There was not any acting on Browns part, just two Bengals players acting like fools.

Brown, who entered the league-mandated concussion protocol after the play, will reportedly be fine for the Steelers game next Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

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