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Roethlisberger Will Wear Brace, Hopes To Wear Normal Shoe Sunday

As Ben Roethlisberger recently admitted, he won’t be fully healthy until well after the season ends, but is hopeful to make one small step this Sunday. He plans to wear his regular shoes, replacing his oversized left shoe to compensate for the foot sprain suffered in Week 9 against the Oakland Raiders.

Dale Lolley first reported the news.

Last week, Roethlisberger wasn’t sure if he would need the oversized shoe.

“It’s a comfort thing. It’s one size bigger. My swollen foot fit in it better than my normal sized shoe. We’ll see as we move forward. If my foot feels fine in a normal sized shoe that I normally wear, then I won’t have to.”

Obviously, it’s a sign his foot is feeling much better. Hopefully he can get rid of his knee brace within the next couple weeks, too. Though mobility hasn’t been an outward issue for him with the brace, it’s clearly a hindrance to any player who is forced to wear one.

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