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Mike Tomlin Has No Problem With Mitchell’s Celebration

Mike Mitchell loves to hit. Mike Mitchell loves to celebrate.

He did both on the same play Sunday, crushing Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver Marvin Jones in the second quarter of Sunday’s loss. To some, celebrating after Jones was injured was crossing the line but Mike Tomlin told reporters he had no issue with Mitchell’s reaction.

“He didn’t stand over an injured player or demean him or disrespect him in any way. He was excited about a positive play he made for us. He made a conscious decision to really get away from the man. So no, I have no issues with what he did.”

Jones was on the ground for several moments before having to be helped off the field. He did later return to the game. Mitchell was later flagged for a taunting call when he got in A.J. Green’s face.

The situation is exacerbated by some Steelers’ comments of how Vontaze Burfict was perceived as celebrating after Le’Veon Bell’s injury. Tomlin said he does not know Burfict and can’t judge intent but referred to the tackle as a legal one.

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