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Heath Miller Told Antonio Brown To Stop Complaining About Not Getting The Ball

With Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger back on the field this weekend, wide receiver Antonio Brown probably won’t have much to complain about. If, however, Brown decides to go the childish route again moving forward, another veteran offensive player probably won’t be happy with him.

According to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Brown admitted in a radio interview that tight Heath Miller told him in practice to “stop complaining about not getting the ball.”

Good for Heath.

Brown, as you can imagine, was frustrated over the course of the last several weeks with Roethlisberger out as he felt quarterbacks Mike Vick and Landry Jones weren’t throwing him the football enough. The Steelers leading receiver caught just 11 passes for 81 yards in Weeks 4-6 combined.

Last week, however, Brown caught 6 passes for 124 yards and so far there hasn’t been a peep out of him.

If anyone should be complaining right now it’s Miller, who was held catchless this past Sunday for the first time since 2008. Miller, however, won’t say a word and Brown should take notice of that.

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